Habit of Growth:

Light Requirements:

Soil Requirements:

Water Requirements:

Cold Tolerance:

Landscape Uses:

Special Attributes:

25' - 35' OA

More upright than spreading.  Prune to maintain proper branch structure and eliminate weak or included attachment

Full Sun

Even moisture for best performance.  Soil ph should be close to neutral.  Reports of nutrient deficiencies when ph is too high

Reasonably drought tolerant once established


Accent tree or street side where dramatic seasonal color is desired

Excellent choice for a bold display of seasonal color.  In general, root systems for Tabebuias can be problematic; special care should be taken to ensure that roots radiate from the trunk.  Circling roots often lead to failures in the landscape.

Tabebuia Impetiginosa (Ipe or Purple Trumpet)RPG

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14-16' OA