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Doubles  7 - 8' CT avg

Triples  12' CT avg

Quads  6 - 8' CT avg


Habit of Growth:

Light Requirements:

Soil Requirements:

Water Requirements:

Cold Tolerance:

Landscape Uses:

Special Attributes:

Up to  50' H

Single upright trunk with full canopy

Full sun 

Tolerates a wide range of soils; prefers good drainage

Prefers even moisture, will tolerate occasional flooding, and will tolerate drought after establishment

Zones 9 - 11 (sometimes 8B)

Can be used as an avenue tree or planted in groups of staggered heights.  This tree is a desirable alternative to other tall, cold hardy, palmate palms due to its insect and disease resistance.

Leaflets on the fronds are very thin and ribbon-like giving this palm a unique, almost weeping appearance.  Old petioles eventually fall exposing attractive rings remaining from the old petiole bases.

Livistona Decora (Ribbon Palm)