25 Gal  8 - 10' OA

Field Grown 12 - 13' OA


To 40' (typically 20' - 30') with 12' - 14' spread

Small tree which grows naturally with multi trunks but can be grown with a single trunk; oval to pyramidal shaped canopy

Full sun to partial shade

Tolerant of a wide range of soils; acidic to alkaline soils; clay or sandy soils


Grows best with adequate moisture; will tolerate flooding or drought

Zones 7 - 11

Parking lots, median strips, buffers 

This tough native tree, with bright red berries,  attracts wildlife and is a good choice for confined urban spaces where hardscape borders are of concern.

Ilex cassine (Dahoon Holly) 



Habit of Growth:

Light Requirements:

Soil Requirements:

Water Requirements:

Cold Tolerance:

Landscape Uses:

Special Attributes:

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