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  Wire Baskets:  Why Leave them Intact?

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The University of Florida IFAS Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center  is your best source!  A distinctive combination of commercial, urban horticultural, and environmental concerns drives activity at the UF Ft. Lauderdale Research and Education Center.  Unique problems associated with S. FL depend on research, education, and extension efforts focused within this area. 

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Where is the most up to date research information on palms, pathology and more?

Where is the updated Grades & Standards document?

Roots Plus Growers is an association of nurserymen from around the state of Florida who are committed to increasing the quality and public perception of field grown trees.  Their mission is three fold:

* To guarantee the consumer they are buying a hardened-off field-grown tree

*To share new ideas to continually improve tree quality

*To sponsor research and educational programs

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What is Roots Plus Growers (RPG)?