Height typically 30 - 40', sometimes more, spread usually greater than common slash pine frequently as wide as tall

Upright to curved trunk, often spreading unless competition for light is a factor

Full sun or high broken sunlight

Tolerant of a wide range of soil types

Drought tolerant once established


Plant in open spaces for eventual maturing dimensions - do not over fertilize

'Densa' pines differ from the common pinus elliotti in several ways.  It is slower growing, more compact and will have a much greater caliper and spread to height ratio

Field Grown 10' - 11'  OA

Field Grown 12 - 13' OA

Field Grown 16 - 17' OA

Field Grown 18' - 19' OA

Field Grown 20'+ OA


Habit of Growth:

Light Requirements:

Soil Requirements:

Water Requirements:

Cold Tolerance:

Landscape Uses:

Special Attributes:

Pinus elliotti densa ('Densa' Slash Pine) - RPG



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