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fish branch

From your very first phone call you're going to know that we emphasize customer care. Whether you have questions or need to place an order, you won't have to press #1 for more options - our phones are always answered by someone who is eager to help you find solutions.

Our 350 acre tree farm is located in a unique part of old Florida surrounded by thousands of acres of woods and pastures. Our remote location plays a key role in keeping harmful pests and disease out of our farm. (Trucks entering the property are not permitted to the confines of the farm with plants and trees from other locations.)

We'd like to invite you to come out and spend some time getting to know us. John and Linda Conroy are hands-on owners involved in the day to day operations. Friendly, professional service and top notch material are the heart of our operation.

Fish Branch Tree Farm has remained strong even in the current, difficult economic environment. Constant improvements in cultural practices, better plant genetics, and attention to detail are your assurance that you're getting the very best trees (and plants) that our industry has to offer.

We look forward to building on old relationships and making new ones. If you haven't called us in a while, pick up the phone and see what's new and growing at Fish Branch Tree Farm - where we intend to exceed your expectations!